ISBN-EAN Barcode

What is it used for?

The ISBN-EAN (International Standard Book Number) barcode-type is also known as Bookland EAN. It is used to mark books internationnally. The barcode includes the ISBN number, wich identifies the product (the book).

What are the specifications?

The ISBN-EAN is also an EAN bar code (click here for more informations on the EAN13 barcode-type). The first three digits are always 978, which indicates that this barcode is related to a book product. The next nine digits are the 9 first digits of the ISBN number. The last digit of the ISBN code (key) isn't encoded. The last digit of the barcode is the EAN checksum key wich depends on the others to help the electronic reading of the barcode.

How to get a code?

If you need an ISBN number, contact if you're located in the U.S.A. or a regional ISBN agency otherwise (here is a list), they are responsible for assigning this codes.

How to use Barres to generate the code?

Select EAN13 for the barcode-type, then type a 12 digits number containing 978, then the 9 first digits of your ISBN numer (don't type the hyphens) in the input field, then click on OK. The 13th digit (checksum) is automatically added to the code and the bar code is generated in a window. You can then copy/paste it or save it in EPSF (encapsuled PostScript) or PICT format (resolution-independant graphic) for printing.

How does ISBN-EAN barcodes look like?

Here are a few samples of ISBN-EAN barcodes, generated with Barres.

 Images at real size
ISBNEAN_978123456789          ISBNEAN_978987654321
Image at 200%
Part of image at 300 dpi

Something else?

You can find usefull informations or help there:
The international ISBN agency for the registration of your compagny and/or informations
Barcode1: More on ISBN-EAN barcodes, and much more...