SCC 14 barcode

What use?

The SCC-14 (Shipping Contenair Code) is also known as EAN/UCC 14, DUN-14, EAN-14, UPC Case Code, UPC Shipping Contenair Code or Code 128 UCC/EAN. All these denominations refers to the same type of bar code, wich is used for marking and labelling the contenairs wich encloses UPC-A or EAN-13 marked products.

What are the specifications?

The SCC-14 barcode is generated from a 14 digits number. This number itself includes an EAN-13 or UPC-A code.
The first digit of the code is a packaging indicator.
A value of 0 indicates that the rest of the code doesn't represent the valid EAN or UPC code of what's in the contenair. It's often used when the contenair doesn't includes similar items.
Values from 1 to 8 are used to differenciates betwen cases with different quantities of the same item, wich itself is EAN-13 or UPC-A encoded.
A value of 9 indicates that the number of items in each contenair isn't fixed, so it may vary from contenair to contenair.
The digits from position 2 to 13 are the 12 first digits of the EAN-13 code (if the item inside is EAN-encoded) or a zero followed by the 11 first digits of th UPC-A code (if inside there's some UPC-encoded product).
The last digit is a checksum-key wich depends on the others and is added for helping the elimination of reading errors.

How to get a code?

You mustn't register in order to use a SCC-14 barcode number, differently of the EAN and UPC barcode. The item inside the contenair gives the most part of the code, and you select the first digit according to the rules described above.

How to use Barres to generate the code?

Select SCC-14 for the barcode-type, then type or paste the 13 digits of your number (or the 14, if you already knows the key) in the input field, then click on OK. The 14th digit (checksum) is automatically added to the code if not typed and the bar code is generated in a window. You can then copy/paste it or save it in EPSF (encapsuled PostScript) or PICT format (resolution-independant graphic) for printing.

How does SCC 14 barcodes look like?

Here are a few samples of SCC14 bar codes, generated with Barres.

Images at 100%
Image at 50,8% (nominal size)
part of Image at 300 dpi

Something else?

You can find usefull informations or help there:
Uniform Code Council for an introduction on SCC-14 barcode