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Online orders are available through Paddle. The transaction is done in their secure web site. You'll be prompted for your credit-card details there.
You will receive your keycode (to unlock the software) quickly by email. Please note that you will not receive any physical good. You should have downloaded the software from here, and have tried it before purchase.


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less than 5 licences
5 licences and more
less than 5 licences
5 licences and more
Barres II
Latest version
$ 40.00
$ 36.00
25.00 €
22.00 €
V.A.T. included price
Upgrade from Barres I to Barres II
You must already have a licence of Barres I
$ 30.00
$ 27.00
17.00 €
15.00 €
V.A.T. included price
Barres I
For Mac OS 9, can't save the epsf file format, just PICT; Launch the Classic environment in Mac OS X
$ 12.00
$ 11.00
10.00 €
9.00 €
V.A.T. included price
European Union customers: VAT will be added to your order, at your local rate, as required by EU regulations. Please click on the appropriate column to see Barres prices VAT included.

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Software :
Barres II for Mac OSX/Mac OS9 (latest version)
Upgrade Barres I > Barres II (you must already own a licence for Barres I)
Barres I for Mac OS9/Mac OS8 (previous version)
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The transaction is done by Paddle in their secure web site.