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Frequently Asked Questions for Barres Δ

Where can I find Barres Δ

You can find the download Barres from here. You must have a Macintosh with at least Mac OS X or Mac OS 9 to use it.

Can I test the program? Δ

Personal tip : always test a program when you want to buy it, or even if you are just currious. So, YES!, feel free to test Barres with your environment and with your other softwares, the registred version is exactly the same as the trial one, you just don't have text in the middle of the graphic.

What's more on the complete version? Δ

There isn't a complete version ! All Barres' function are included in the free-downloadable version. The only change after registration is that the word which hides part of the barcode disappears.

How to register? Δ

They are two ways for paying to register, I think that you can find what you want... Visit the Register page.

Barres don't work on my PC! Δ

This sofware has been developped on a Macintosh and for the Macintosh. There isn't any PC version, the only computers able to launch it have an apple (inside and outside), sorry.

The last digit of the Barcode isn't good, why? Δ

The last digit of a UPC (idem with EAN and SCC14) barcode number isn't free. It's a key depending on the other digits. If you take any object with a barcode printed on it, you type the digits in Barres (without the last one) and click on OK, you'll see that the program will have automatically added the last digit, and will always be the same as the one on the printed barcode (the drawing of the barcode will be the same too). When you type a last digit which isn't good, the program automatically changes it for the good one.

Help! I lost my register code Δ

If you've registred with Paddle'sonline payement , you can retrieve it in trying this query.
If you've registred in another way or don't find something with the query, send us an email, with the most information on you're purchase than you could think, and we will re-send your code.

My question isn't answered here, what can I do? Δ

You can write to us at JT . Gueux @ log - 1 . com. We'll do our best to reply to your query as soon as possible.