The simple UPC / EAN13 / SCC14 barcode generator.

What's new in version II.5.0 ?

  • Barres II.5 is a completely rewritten version using Apple's Cocoa environment.
  • Added an option to generate ISBN barcodes directly.
  • Added new preferences.
  • Replaced the old Pict save format by PDF (eps remains the recommended choice)
  • The document window is now resizable, and the display of the barcode grows with it.
  • The icon changed again (for the last time), it's now a professional work from Nicolas CASTELLAN.

What's new in version II.0.1 ?

  • This update fixes a subtle crashing bug which appeared rarely during the first launch of the software and corrupted the preference file.
  • In addition several minor issues have been addressed.

What's new in version II.0.0 ?

  • The software is now "carbonized" and work natively in Mac OS X, all versions, and in Mac OS 9 too.
  • The barcode saving format can be epsf (encapsuled Postscript),for a perfect integration with all the professional desktop publishing tools.
  • It is now possible to change the height of the generated barcode (from 10 to 999% of the nominal height).
  • The software indicates the dimensions of the barcode, when it will be printed.
  • The icon changed again (flip)

What's new in Version I.2.1 ?

  • Changed the barcode's size to follow now exactly the officials specifications
  • Solved a problem when importing the barcode with Illustrator.
  • Cleaned-up the code for the future OSX version
  • Changed the application's icon (now a zebra)

What's new in Version I.2.0 ?

  • Added a new barcode's type: SCC14 (Thanks to Bob!)
  • Ability to save the resulting graphic in addition to Copy/Paste.