The simple UPC / EAN13 / SCC14 barcode generator.

A simple barcode generation application for Macintoshes.
It can generate the following type of barcodes: EAN13 (13 digits), UPC (12 digits) and SCC14 (14 digits).
UPC and EAN codes are used globally for commerce, and make up an important part of the automated supply chain. If you have a product that you wish to sell and have stocked by retailers, then EAN/UPC symbol is a necessary investment!
The SCC14 barcode type is used for labelling the contenairs wich encloses at least one UPC-A or EAN-13 marked product.

With Barres, the simple barcode generator, you can generate the needed barcode graphics yourself, simply and inexpensively, using your Macintosh. Simply launch the application, type in the desired barcode number, and resulting barcode graphic (a vector graphic, resolution-independent) is generated, to be importeed onto your favorite page-layout, word-processing, or illustration program.

If you only need to generate EAN13, UPC or SCC-14 codes, Barres is a great and inexpensive alternative to more full-featured barcode programs.

The barcodes that Barres is designed to draw are:

  • UPC A: used for retail products in the U.S.A. and Canada
  • EAN 13: used for products in-store World-wide (except USA and Canada)
  • JAN 13: the japanese version of EAN13 bar code
  • EAN Bookland: ISBN for books, video,… which is encoded in EAN13 format
  • SCC14: Shipping cartons containing UPC or EAN identification number

You can view snapshots and learn more here

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