Did you ever wanted to know what MCMLXXIII means?
Do you want to be able to transform a number in Roman digits, or vice versa?
Do you want to understand the future version numbers of Mac OS (XI, XII, XIII, XIV…)?
If so, Julius I.5.0 is for you!
Julius I.5.0 is a simple Arabic-Roman number converter: it can translate numbers written in arabic digits to roman numbers, and it is able to translate roman numbers in arabic ones.
First choose the direction with the tabs (1->I: arabic to roman and I ->1: roman to arabic), then simply write (or paste) the number (under 4000, and strictly positive with no decimal if typed in arabic), click on the convert button, and the converted number is displayed, in a copy-enabled field.


You can even have more informations if you click on the (+) button. A drawer will show the translation's explanation.

What's new in version I.5.0?

List of features:
  • We've added the roman-to-arabic translation to the existing arabic-to-roman (this feature has been requested by lots of users).
  • The conversion is now explained by a drawer, to help understanding the logic of the roman numbers
  • Internally, the code has been 'restructured'
  • We've simplified the donation process, it can now be made easily from within the software.
  • We've added a 'cultural' easter egg!

How to convert a number from Arabic to roman digits?

They are 7 different digits for creating a roman number:

There is some subtractive rules for the digits (i.e. IV=4, IX=9, XL=40,…) but in general one 'built' a number by adding the different digits, starting with the biggest, like this:

1346 = 1000 M
      + 100 C
      + 100 C
      + 100 C
      +  40 XL
      +   5 V
      +   1 I

Software licence and download

Julius I.5.0 is totally free, it requires a Macintosh with Mac OS X.2 minimum, and it can be downloaded here
If you like this Software, you can make a donation: send a few bucks to the author with Paypal.

Feel free to write us about this software, we'll be glad to hear from you