Software development for Mac

Welcome to Antilog.
Antilog has been developing Software exclusively for the Mac since 1997, and we have enjoyed the project immensly!

At first encounter with an Apple Mac, One appreciates the look the look-and-feel of the system, the simplicity and coherence of the Human Interface. Our aim is to do the best to integrate our products in this harmony.
Like you, we're Mac-fans, so please be warned we will not be applying our work to other platforms (Poor Computer), we're not interested, even if it were more profitable...
Our Main Policy is:

"Don't develop softwares for Macintosh *FIRST*,
but for Macintosh *ONLY*..."

We are based in Lomme, a town situated in the North of France. Please feel free to contact us as we would be glad to hear from you: Contact us

And since you are in this Area, why not take a look at our programmes

Here is a short list of sites from where you can find good softwares for your mac:

Have fun with your Mac and hopefully you will be using our software at the same time.
Jean-Thibault GUEUX / ANTILOG

Special Thanks to Jullian for her help for the english version of this Website...
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